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Drug Store Shelving

Dividers for Pharmacy Shelving and Drug Store Shelving

Dividers and Front Fences for Gondola Shelving

Organize the upper shelves of your gondola shelving with Wire Front Fencing and Shelf Dividers, Wire Shelf Dividers and Multi-Purpose Dividers. Available in a variety of lengths, 3 inch and 6 inch heights available to fit most any upper shelves. The wire fence and dividers are very durable and will outlast the products you are selling.

3" High Front Shelf Fence

Used to prevent merchandise from falling off of the front of the shelf while maximizing shelf space. Use free standing fencing and dividers with two mount types for diamond shape round holes. Available in a chrome color or can be powder coated. Use with 3" front fencing

3" High Gondola Shelving Divider

Fit most any shelf manufacturer such as Lozier, Madix, and Streater shelving depending on mount typr. Specify shelving manufacturer when ordering. Use with 3" high dividers.

6" High Front Shelf Fence

For use with larger loosely packed items or merchandise to contain them into a category or to create a more organized display application and to maximize limited shelf space. Use a 6" Front Fence with a diamond-cut or round holes typically in a 1" on center patern on the top of your uper shelves.

6" High Gondola Shelving Divider

Use free standing wire shelf shelf dividers that will fit Lozier, Madix, and Streater upper shelves. Use 6" shelf dividers to make make or divide a upper shelf into more compartments.

Gondola Front Fence

We have front fences available for Madix, Lozier, Streater, and Storeflex Gondolas. Heights are 3" high and 6 " high. The most popular lengths are from 24" to 48" base or upper shelves, all others are by special order only.

Gondola Shelving Dividers

We have dividers mostly available for Lozier, Streater, Madix, and Storeflex Gondolas. Heights are 3" high and 6 " high. The most popular depths are from 12" to 24" deep base or upper shelves, all others are by special order only.

Pharmacy Shelving Dividers

Pharmacy Shelving Dividers

Used with the Pharmacy Shelf to provide product organization.

Dividers cannot be used when shelf is installed in the upside-down position.

Divider locks in place on the back of the shelf.

Can be placed in any position.

Standard finish: Snow White.



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